Friday, 20 September 2013

Striping tape criss cross mani's...and I have a new four-legged friend!

Hi guys!

Been a while since I posted (again!). I've recently been a bit obsessed with doing criss-crossy striping tape mani's. Get a serious amount of compliments with these! They aren't always perfect, a lot of the time I can't angle them correctly so they end up being a bit skew-whiff, but I still think they're pretty!

This first mani is using Azature's Blue Diamond and OPI's Tiffany Case:

Second is using Layla's Chrome Mirror Effect polish with OPI's Honey Ryder. I basically just kept wrapping a long string of tape around my nail on this one.

Third is using MAC's Please Me with OPI's Jinx. Pic was taken on my phone whilst I was out shopping, hence the trolley...

And the last mani is using Illamasqua's Swinger with OPI's Every Month Is Oktoberfest.

Whilst I'm here, I want to introduce my new friend. He's adorable. Seriously.

His name is Buddy (cos, he's my little buddy!) but he also gets called Budbud, Hammy, Hamham, Little Man and Bugger when he's being mischievous!

He reallllly loves broccoli...