Saturday, 26 May 2012

OPI Great Britain, Great Nails! Designer Set swatches

OK, I'll admit...I'm not really too fussed over this Jubilee lark.'s an AWESOME excuse for some themed beauty products! I'm not sure how many sets OPI have put out, but I have two of them. Yay!!!

DS Magic is...just amazing really! It's a bright sapphire blue with blue and purple shimmer. The purple shimmer gives it a duochrome effect in the shade. It's a little sheer and took me three coats to hit opaque, but it's that gorgeous I really don't care! It applied smoothly, no pooling, wasn't too thick or thin. I'm in love!

DS Bold is a medium pink/red with silver glitter. Again this was three coats for full coverage, but OH MY LORDY does it sparkle! Hard to pick up on camera but get a glimpse of this in the mirror and you tend to go "ooooooh, shiiiiney" and space out for a few minutes. It dries quickly so the three coats isn't an issue. Again, it applied beautifully.



  1. These two colours are amazing, i think they would be great around christmas time.

  2. I love the blue! It's amazing. I'm not keen on the red though.

    1. I wish the red was hahaha. It's alot different in real life though, so much more sparkly. But no, I was a little underwhelmed too :(

  3. Ooooo what a gorgeous set, lucky you!