Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bleh...(and a bit of bunny spam)

So, I got most of my organising done, most of my room is painted white and I'm almost ready to fully redecorate...then I catch a cold, which has turned into tonsillitus, and I'm screwed. Seriously, even my arse cheeks hurt! How the heck can my arse cheeks hurt? And holy crap I spent last night sleeping in a pool of my own sweat. Argh...

So, decorating is on hold til I feel confident enough I won't spill a tub of paint or stab myself with a scraper, and of course when my arse isn't killing me. So hopefully I'll be able to get some swatches up in the next few days :D I spent today moping around in bed, listening to the random thunderstorm we had and playing Skyrim. Not very productive.

On a side note - has anyone else ever come down with a cold/flu/whatever and had their bum cheeks hurt before? I need to know I'm not weird haha

And so this isn't a total waste - bunny spam! This is when I was cleaning out their hutch. They think they're helping by running up and down whilst I'm disinfecting!

Sunday, 17 June 2012

Just a heads up...

I'm currently going through a phase of "I have too much junk and I need to get rid of it" as well as redecorating and attempting to properly organise (HA!) all my makeup and polish, so I probably won't be posting as much as usual. On the plus side, once I have everything sorted I'll be swatching all my polishes and popping them up here! On my last count I had around 420 polishes. It's still not enough!!!!

So yeah, may be a little quiet, but I'll still try and get a post up on here every few days.

For now, here's a pic of my other gorgeous bunnies!! Izzy is the grey/brown and Bunbun (yeah, I know!) is the white/brown/black. Love these naughty little ladies more than anything!

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

MAC Casual Colour Fiestaware nail lacquer swatches

Argh!! It's bright!!

MAC Casual Colour Please Me nail lacquer swatches

For some reason MAC decided to launch this polish with Casual Colour; even though it had just been released in the Fashion Sets. I can't remember whether Please Me was available in the sets we had in the UK - if it was I'm disappointed I never picked this up the first time round!

Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MAC + Beth Ditto Life and Beth polish swatches

MAC + Beth Ditto Near Beth Experience nail lacquer swatches

I REALLY need to catch up with this stuff! I've finally got around to sorting out my polishes by brand and I'm really hoping to be able to (somehow) get them all up, with swatches. No idea how, but I'll figure it out :D Ooh, lookie, new MAC lacquers!...

Friday, 8 June 2012

MAC Hey Sailor! Riviera Life Lipglass swatches

A bit late on this one, I was considering getting this when the collection came out, added it to my basket, placed an order a few days ago and ended up ordering by mistake! Quite glad it happened though :D

Illamasqua Stranger Intense Lipgloss swatches

Apart from the polishes - this is the only other thing I picked up from Illamasqua's new collection. Not entirely sure where this would be appropriate to wear, but it is pretty and fun!

Monday, 4 June 2012

Post Ideas? Help!!!

Hi everyone!

I was just wondering - what would you guys like to see more of? Obviously my main thing is swatching/reviewing new things blah blah blah... would anyone be interested in a few posts about my polish collection? Or makeup collection? Or more general things?

Tell me what you want!! :D

Beauty UK Posh Polish Gemstone Collection - No3 Sunstone

I popped into Superdrug at the weekend whilst I was in sunny Skegness (OK, it wasn't sunny, it was cold, rainy and ridiculously windy, but still...). I was hoping they would stock something different to my local Superdrug, but they didn't. Still, this little beauty caught my eye!