Sunday, 27 May 2012

Barry M 325 Denim polish swatches

I cannot believe how amazing this polish is. Then again, I've never come across a dud Barry M, but this is a must have for the price!

Denim is a medium dark grey-blue with silver sparkle. I was suprised to find out that it's actually a matte finish! I was also suprised to find that this is a one-coater with no patches, sheerness, uneveness, pooling, nothing. Just gorgeous shiny perfection in a bottle. Not bad for £2.99!


  1. I love this polish! I'm so annoyed our boots haven't got them in yet :(

    1. Do you have a Superdrug near you? That's where I picked mine up from!

    2. No there's only one superdrug in Ireland and I think that's in limerick or something. Way to far out from me :(