Thursday, 29 August 2013

Azature Lilac Diamonds Polish Swatches


Azature very recently released some new polishes - all of which are creme finishes. They can be found exclusively at Selfridges for £17 each.

I'll admit, part of me is very underwhelmed with these. After the first lot of Azature's, which I'm dubbing the "sparklies", these just seem a little...meh. I mean, there's nothing wrong with them, I love a good rich creme finish polish, but compared to what we've seen from Azature they just aren't hitting the same sweet spot. If they were packed out with pretty sparklies I'd be having constant orgasms over them, but these are just okay. £17 is a lot to pay for a creme finish polish. It does still have that pretty little black diamond in it though, and that will always suck me in.

Lilac Diamond is a medium blue based purple. I used two coats for this, and didn't have any issues. The formula flows really nicely on the nail, it's neither thick or thin.

If you have some extra cash or you really love diamonds, they could be worth a splurge. I'll complete my collection of these, but it will take me some time!

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