Sunday, 17 February 2013

Nails Inc Feather Effect polishes

It's a surprisingly sunny Sunday afternoon! After all the rain and snow we've seen the past month it's almost a shock.  Anyway...polish...yes. I bought these a week or so ago. I loved the look of them, they look so pretty in the bottle, but I'm not too sure what I think of them on the nail. Full coverage seems to be a proper pain in the arse with these. All swatches are shown with three coats, and even then there's some visible nail line. They can tend to get a little clumped up too. I love the idea of them, but getting them to work in a manicure is hard. Still, I'll definitely give these a whirl again in the future, I just think I'll have to be more patient, and do little iddy biddy layers. Or just layer them over other polishes. If you don't like texture on your nails add top coat, but I think they look better without it.

There are actually four feather effects (feathers being matte glitter strands) Chester, York, Edinburgh and Cornwall. When I purchased these from the Nails Inc site I didn't see Cornwall listed. It popped up a few days ago, but is out of stock. I'm actually pretty pissed about that, since Cornwall looks like it would be my favourite (it looks to be cobalt blue and light aqua "feathers"...nom!). Still...

Chester Feathers is a mix of aqua, yellow and peach strands.

With topcoat

 York Feathers is a mix of peach and white strands.

With topcoat

 Edinburgh Feathers is a mix of light-medium blue and peach strands.

With topcoat

Has anyone picked up these yet? What did you think?

*PS - I will attempt to find out why the f*ck my camera gets so blurry in one corner. It's doing my nut in now!


  1. I had a play around with these yesterday and I agree, they're pretty hard to work with. I ended up putting a layer of basecoat between each coat of Feathers. I got an acceptably smooth, full coverage result with three coats of Feathers; there's a post with pictures on my blog if you want to have a look.

    1. Just had a peek, looks amazing! Definitely going to try with using a basecoat inbetween, never thought of that one!