Thursday, 10 October 2013

RiRi Hearts MAC - Talk That Talk Dupe!

This was a very happy coincidence!

When the latest RiRi collection dropped last week, I was bummed that I didn't have the cash to get the items I wanted. The two things I was really after was Talk That Talk lipstick and lip liner. Of course, they sold out in no time and I didn't get a chance to buy them.

So I went on the hunt for a really dark red lippy - something that screamed vamp. I ended up on as they had a sale on (I also finally picked up Pink Raindrops - yay!). I was browsing through their lippies and decided to give Growl a try.

I then get an email from MAC a few days later saying RiRi is back in of course I jump over and grab TTT. The liner was still sold out, so I settled for grabbing Nightmoth pencil instead.

They both arrived yesterday and to my suprise...Illamasqua's Growl is an exact dupe of Talk That Talk. I cannot tell the difference at all. Growl is slightly more matte than TTT, which bizarrely doesn't feel like a retro matte at all and has a good amount of slip in it!

Seriously...I can't tell the difference!

Illamasqua describes Growl as a " Rich mahogany brown" whilst MAC describes Talk That Talk as a "Matte dark plum". I'd say somewhere in the middle of both, with added red.

*PS - there is a slight colour difference in two of the pics below, as I took them from my phone which really wasn't a clever idea, but my proper camera picks up way too many of my blackheads to attempt that! I can assure you, they are definite dupes!*


Talk That Talk


Growl (top) and Talk That Talk (bottom)

Talk That Talk (left) and Growl

Talk That Talk *slightly pinker overall tone here*

Growl *slightly yellowy tone - my phone sucks!*

Growl over Nightmoth lip pencil

Nightmoth lip pencil and Talk That Talk

Illamasqua's Growl can be found here

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