Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Nails Inc Sweets Way Sprinkles polish swatches

Firstly I want to say that these look sooooo much more amazing in real life. The idea is that they look like sprinkles on cupcakes (mmmm, cupcakes). I think these are beautiful polishes, something you really have to try out for yourself. They're all matte (yay, matte glitter!!!!!!!!) . Nails Inc have done themselves proud with these polishes.

Sweets Way is a pale milky blue base with blue, baby pink and silver glitter. The base on this one was sheerer than the rest of the sprinkles polish, but that means it's also more versatile and better overall for layering over different colours. One coat in photos.


  1. OMG I love this!!! Would love to follow your blog but your 'follower' button/link isn't working?? x

  2. Oops, yes it is! I'm now following x

    1. No idea what that was about - I blame Google :D x