Sunday, 2 September 2012

Smooch Nail Polish - Gothic Moment and Car Key

Normal posting shall now resume :D

Today I have two Smooch polishes to show you - this brand is totally new to me and I'd never heard of them until they popped up on NailPolishDirect. They seem to be a cheap brand - their polishes are £2.95 and they are full sized 15mls. Can't really get much better than that surely? I actually quite like the bottle too, simple, but there's a nice little pattern going around the cap!

Gothic Moment is a semi-sheer black with a ton of silver sparkle. It's opaque in two coats. Somewhat of a rough texture and a little dull when dry, nothing a topcoat can't sort out though.

Car Key (oh, dear...) is a light, dusty khaki green and is amazingly opaque in just one coat! The brush seemed to hold a lot of product so there could be issue's with pooling. Overall though, the formula of these polishes are fab.

Seriously can't go wrong with these for £2.95.

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