Tuesday, 29 January 2013

MAC Year Of The Snake Collection

This is a collection I knew absolutely nothing about until it popped up on MAC's site last week. The collection includes eyeshadows, lipsticks, pigments and a beauty powder. I picked up one shadow, one lippy and the BP.

The packaging of this collection is amazing. And the designs on the products themselves are beautiful. I actually think this might be my favourite MAC packaging!

The eyeshadow I have is Aztec Brick. It's a stunningly gorgeous metallic orange copper. Pigmentation is top notch and I didn't experience any fall out issues. This is the kind of colour that makes blue eyes really stand out.

The lipstick I picked up is called Plumful. It is a permanant shade, as are all of the lipstick in this collection, but I loved the colour of this one so much I decided to pay the extra. It's a muted creamy pink-plum. It has a lustre finish, so whilst slightly drying after time it doesn't sit funny in lip lines.

Lastly we have the Beauty Powder, which is called Shell Pearl. Having just checked, it's now sold out on the UK MAC site! It's a stunning peachy coral base with fine gold shimmer. In fact, it's finer than shimmer. Because it's a beauty powder it's meant to be sheer, so really you don't pick much of the base up, mostly that gorgeous shimmer. It could definitely be used as a shimmery blush on lighter skin tones, but it will require building up. Medium/darker skins might find it better as a highlighter though.

 *Please ignore those awful spots on my cheekbones, I swear they aren't that visible in real life!*

 Thanks for reading :D

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