Thursday, 28 June 2012

Bleh...(and a bit of bunny spam)

So, I got most of my organising done, most of my room is painted white and I'm almost ready to fully redecorate...then I catch a cold, which has turned into tonsillitus, and I'm screwed. Seriously, even my arse cheeks hurt! How the heck can my arse cheeks hurt? And holy crap I spent last night sleeping in a pool of my own sweat. Argh...

So, decorating is on hold til I feel confident enough I won't spill a tub of paint or stab myself with a scraper, and of course when my arse isn't killing me. So hopefully I'll be able to get some swatches up in the next few days :D I spent today moping around in bed, listening to the random thunderstorm we had and playing Skyrim. Not very productive.

On a side note - has anyone else ever come down with a cold/flu/whatever and had their bum cheeks hurt before? I need to know I'm not weird haha

And so this isn't a total waste - bunny spam! This is when I was cleaning out their hutch. They think they're helping by running up and down whilst I'm disinfecting!

1 comment:

  1. Yay for more bunnyspam! They're so totally adorable. Hope you (and your arse) are feeling better soon! >_<