Thursday, 8 August 2013

MUA MakeUp Academy Boo Boo Fluff Fur Effect Nails

Weyhey! It's been just over a week since my last post - at least it wasn't a two month hiatus!

I'm looking at giving my blog a bit of a revamp that'll be happening over the next week or so (hopefully), so things will be looking pretty different soon. I haven't posted for the last week or so as I've had gel polish on whilst I'm trying to grow out my nails. That, and I had a bit more bad news (as if I need anything else right now) so my heads been all over the place.

Anyway... I popped into Superdrug the other day for a butchers around and noticed that my local store has had a total revamp and the makeup and cosmetics isle is now much bigger and better. Beforehand, we used to have a little sort of cardboard stand for MUA products, we now have a proper cabinet thing (can't think of the word) just like major drugstore brands have. Obviously the range of MUA products I now have access to is much bigger. They've started stocking MUA's version of the Ciate Caviar Nails (though I've never been much of a fan of this mani) as well as the Fur Effects. Fur Effects are basically flock - I've worn flock nails once before using some flock I'd bought off eBay and it lasted about 3 days before most of it had worn off. It's an interesting look, but I am a bit of a fan of the flock/fur mani.

The colour I picked up is Boo Boo Fluff - it's a light cobalt blue. I layered this over two coats of Nails Inc Baker Street. First things first - I couldn't get any fluff to come out through the sifter, so ended up removing the sifter completely and just pressing my nail into it. Bit messy, but not as bad as I thought it would be. It does clump together, so ideally to get an even finish it should be sifted on. A mini sieve would be perfect, actually. Also, I don't quite understand why MUA give directions to apply two lots of fluff - I tried that on patches where not much fluff stuck to my nail, and it just looked like a big fluffy mess. Definitely wouldn't recommend doubling up on this stuff.

Anyone else tried fur/fluff/flock mani's? Verdict?

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