Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Nails Inc Spring/Summer Trend Shade Swatches - Kensington Palace Gardens, Royal Botanical Gardens and Chelsea Physic Garden

Well...after a massive hiatus, dealing with personal issues and illnesses...I'm back! I've actually really, really missed blogging, so hopefully I'll be able to get back into the swing of things again. Thanks to my amazing boyfriend I have a new camera, which I'm still getting used to. Gonna have to break out the manual at some point. Anyway, less details, more polish!

Today I have three of the four spring/summer trend shades Nails Inc recently released. There is another, St James Park which is a hot pink, but I figured I probably had enough of those to avoid picking it up. What I do have, however, is Kensington Palace Gardens (salmon pink), Royal Botanical Gardens (mint) and Chelsea Physic Garden (pastel blue).

Kensington Palace Gardens is a light, creamy coral pink. It's mostly opaque at two coats, but I felt it was the slightest bit uneven, so ended up going for three. Initially, it reminded me a lot of Butter London's Trout Pout, so I did a comparison, and Trout Pout is a touch darker, perhaps a little more pink too. If you're a sucker for coral's you will love this!

Butter London Trout Pout on middle and ring fingers

Royal Botanical Gardens is a light, creamy mint, but it does have a definite blue tone to it. Two coats for this one and no issues with application.

Chelsea Physic Garden is a light, creamy blue. Again two coats, and no issues!

There. My first post in god knows how long. That actually felt pretty good!!

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  1. Welcome back! Love Chelsea Physic Gardens