Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nails Inc Kensington Park Road and Portobello Swatches

Hello! Aah, two weeks without posting, shocking! Even more shocking that it's been two weeks without any new polish purchases...until now!

So today I recieved an order from Nails Inc, a good little haul. This is sort of part 1. The neons!

Kensington Park Road neon polish

This is a gorgeous bright sky blue. It isn't as neon as I was hoping...I mean it's bright but I think there's still a step to go before it hits neon. It comes close but it's not completely retina burning! It took me three coats to get this opaque, and I did notice that the more layers applied the brighter it got.

Portobello neon polish

Ok, this one kind of is retina burning! It's a very bright orange coral. It did take me four coats to get this opaque, which is kind of overkill, I wasn't expecting that many coats at all. I did notice when it was drying that it started to look like a matte but never quite got there. Like it was stuck inbetween. There was a shine to the nail but it wasn't glossy, nor was it totally flat. Can we say it's a semi-matte? Yeah, let's go with that :D My camera couldn't quite pick up how bright it was, and the 2nd picture is in the shade.

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