Tuesday, 16 October 2012

MAC Styleseeker Nail Lacquer

This post just shows how far behind I am haha, but this is a truly gorgeous polish, so I had to post about it!

I've seen lots of other people call this an orange-red duochrome. I can't see that at all :P Not saying anyone is wrong btw, we all have different perceptions of colour, so to me this is a metallic burnt orange. VERY fall. Like it literally reminds me of the colours we see when leaves start falling. I really love this polish. For me, it was opaque in two coats. It reminded me alot of OPI Deutsch You Want Me Baby? so I did a comparison. It appears that the OPI one is glossier and a little more rich and slightly more red toned, but the colours are pretty similar. Definitely don't need both, and actually I'd recommend the OPI over this one. In comparison pics, OPI is on my 2nd and 3rd finger.

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  1. Gorgeous colour!!!!