Friday, 11 January 2013

How I've "organised" my polish!

Hello! Long time no typey. Blog has been on a back burner for a long while now, and I'm going to try my damn best to not let that happen again. Lots of "real life" things going on, but anyways... This post is just showing how I've organised all my polish. It's not perfect and I'm already running out of space. It could be tons better, but I can't fit anything else in my room, so I'm kinda stuck.

I bought this unit in a sale off Very, it was around
£60. Turns out, I'm not too good at assembling wobbles side to side :S But it does the job for now!

As it goes, I have my OPI on the top shelf, Nails Inc in the middle (with an added box of Illamasqua/Butter London) and China Glaze/Barry M/MAC on the bottom shelf. I also have 4 draws where I generally keep my drugstore or misc polishes. And yes, those are Glossybox boxes with wallpaper/border glued to them hahaha.





And a little nosey at my Nails Inc, which I'm quite proud of!

I swear, from now on I'll try and be a less shitty blogger!

|Thanks for reading guys :D

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