Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Nails Inc Bling It On Leather - Shoreditch Lane - Red Leather swatches

Yay! More leather!

I've been loving these ever since the black and tan shades were released around mid December. I haven't come across anything similar from other brands yet - actually, if anyone knows of other "leather effect" polishes, please let me know!

Shoreditch Lane is a dark wine red. If you're careful, you can get this opaque in one, but I opted for two anyways. I'm not sure if this is, or will be available separately, but I purchased this as the "Bling It On Rebel" set on Nails Inc's site. The set includes silver studs, Swarovski black and clear crystals, and of course four silver skulls. I haven't bothered with any of those yet since I haven't had anywhere decent to go. I can say, however, that providing the skulls are applied properly with a damn good amount of glue, you'd be able to get about 2-3 days wear before they come off... unless, of course, you go to a works Xmas party, get blind drunk and end up on your hands and knees in the loo screaming "I've lost my skull!" whilst colleagues from the other stores stare at you in disbelief...true story! The set is £25 which does seem steep, I guess the extra £6 compared to the other sets comes from the Swarovski's, which I could just purchase from eBay if I wanted to. Really hope they release the leather effects seperately.

Anybody else tried these? Love/hate?

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