Sunday, 13 January 2013

Nails Inc Concrete Texture polishes

The big thing for this year is texture. Every brand seems to be coming out with their own versions of textured polishes. OPI brought out their liquid sand which is amazingly pretty, I know Zoya are bringing some out that are similar to the OPI ones (matte texture with sparkly bits). Nails Inc released theirs last month, and so far I haven't seen or heard of anything similar.

The polish itself is very rough and textured - I can see why they dubbed it "concrete". It's not totally matte but it isn't shiny either. So far they have released four shades - London Wall, Monument, Marble Arch and Stonehenge. Two coats is all it takes for full opacity, and is also what Nails Inc recommends.

London Wall is a grey toned light-medium nude.

Monument is a bright yellow lime.

Marble Arch is a vibrant tomato red.

Stonehenge is a vibrant cobalt blue (basically, think of Baker Street!)

My personal fave of these lot has to be Stonehenge, I'm a sucker for cobalts!

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  1. I just tried out one of these for the first time........ not sure I'm loving it but yours looks better!