Tuesday, 12 June 2012

MAC + Beth Ditto Near Beth Experience nail lacquer swatches

I REALLY need to catch up with this stuff! I've finally got around to sorting out my polishes by brand and I'm really hoping to be able to (somehow) get them all up, with swatches. No idea how, but I'll figure it out :D Ooh, lookie, new MAC lacquers!...

Near Beth Experience is a bright pale-d yellow. It's a tiny bit on the thick side. It's also pretty streaky and uneven on the first and second coats. Three evens it all out, which is what I'm wearing here. Bit of a pain in the arse, but it is a nice colour so I think it's worth the little extra hassle. It kind of has a green tint to it in the shade.


  1. That really pretty! Yellow polish always has a crap formula

    1. 'Tis true, but when it's a MAC yellow it seems to get worse LOL. Still, I think it's definitely pretty enough to be worth a bit of hassle!