Monday, 28 May 2012

Nails Inc Jubilee swatches

More Jubilee fever *rolls eyes*...But it's Nails Inc!!!

Jubilee is a mixture of small blue, silver, red, even smaller blue and red, and tiiiiiny silver shimmer. It's a hot glitter mess (in a good way). It applies nicely, I'm wearing two coats here but one would be nice over another colour if it's not full coverage you want. Removal, as usual with glitters, is a royal pain in the arse (geddit? royal? Jubilee? sorry, that was terrible!). Very fitting though!


  1. Hmm I'm not to sure of this polish. The other ones are far nicer. Although it might look pretty good layered over other polishes

    1. I know what you mean. It is a bit odd looking but it's something you have to see in real life to determine whether you like it or not!

  2. I've been coveting this one like mad--the coverage is amazing!

  3. I think this would look stunning with it on just an accent nail and maybe a nice royal blue colour for the others! Love your blog hun!