Friday, 26 July 2013

George (Asda) Gel Pro Polishes - 07 Nectarine and 08 Plum

I shop at Asda every week, and I always have to have a little walk down the cosmetics's habit... anyways, one thing I've noticed is that Asda's own George cosmetics range is really starting to look pretty decent - I still don't think they quite compete with other drug store brands, but they're getting there slowly! I recently picked up two of their new Gel Pro polishes - yeah, another one of those "gel effect" polishes. They are very shiny on their own, but I'd still top coat them. From memory I think these are £2.99.

One thing I noticed with both of these polishes is that there is some bubbling - I have worn the plum shade before and didn't have bubbling, so I'm not sure whether it's just down to the fact that it is seriously boiling hot here right now. Maybe. That's the only issue I've noticed though.

07 Nectarine is a creamy orange-leaning coral. I used two coats but noticed it was slightly sheer in places, so I perhaps should have gone for three.

08 Plum is a rich, red-purple. If you have very short nails this is probably a one-coater, it's very close to being that on me, but it's just the slightest bit sheer in the middle of the nail, so I'm going for two coats.

Yeah, the bubbling is pretty bad. Like I said though, I've worn the plum shade before and had no issues - so maybe it is down to the fact that is extremely hot and humid here right now. Speaking of which...IS IT WINTER YET?!

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