Sunday, 28 July 2013

Nails Inc Beaded Polish - Belgravia (White) and Chancery Lane (Blue)


I bought these a few weeks back, not too sure what I was expecting really. I thought they would be similar to the Barry M Sequin polishes (which, were for me at least, a massive pain in the arse to use). I've only bought two so far and this is my second time testing them. The first time around they were a complete pain, were big and chunky and just horrific. This time, though, I've gone for thinner coats and the white at least seems to have come out a lot better. The blue is still very chunky. I'm not sure if I would wear these much though.

Application can be troublesome, they can bunch together and end up a hot mess. Thinner coats is definitely better if you do try these. That, or layering one or two thin coats over a cream polish.

Belgravia is a textured sheer white with medium white and holographic shimmer. I used three coats for the photos below.

Chancery Lane is a textured sheer cobalt blue with small and medium holographic glitter. Again I used three coats.

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