Monday, 4 June 2012

Beauty UK Posh Polish Gemstone Collection - No3 Sunstone

I popped into Superdrug at the weekend whilst I was in sunny Skegness (OK, it wasn't sunny, it was cold, rainy and ridiculously windy, but still...). I was hoping they would stock something different to my local Superdrug, but they didn't. Still, this little beauty caught my eye!

Sunstone is a light warm pink with a goldish glow...which is bizarre as it contains no gold bits! It was suprisingly opaque in two coats, had a great even formula, not too think or runny, and flows great with no brush strokes! I haven't been so impressed with a drugstore product for a while! These retail for £3.49, 50p dearer than Barry M and contain 9ml of product (I think Barry M has 10ml). Still a great buy though!

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