Sunday, 3 June 2012

Nails Inc Royal Ascot Cherry Juicy Sheer swatches

Another juicy sheer polish from Nails Inc!

Royal Ascot is a sheer tomato red. At one coat it looks like a cherry red, add another coat and it looks as it does in the bottle - a vibrant, bright tomato. This is the most "opaque" of the three juicy sheers IMO - two coats is about as opaque as it will get. Suprisingly, this is also my favourite of the three juicy sheers!


  1. This would be amazing in a jelly sandwich. It's gorgeous! I seriously have to start looking into nails inc more often :P

    1. They do come out with some fantastic polishes! A little on the pricier side I guess but they do have permanant "deals" where you can get 3 polishes for £22, 4 polishes for £28 etc... I usually can't do reds but this is just amazing! x