Saturday, 9 June 2012

MAC + Beth Ditto - Powder To The People review + swatches!

Perhaps the prettiest and most interesting piece from the collection...and what a let down!

Powder To The People is a pink powder with different coloured polka dots. We have a bright yellow, a bright medium blue, a light peachy brown, a medium warm brown and cool toned pink - all have slight shimmer. This product comes in a blush compact - but MAC say it's for use on the eyes - "Play with polka dots to create highlighting effects on your eyes by blending the colours of this ultra-fine, lightweight pressed powder with a velvet-smooth finish."

So, if it's for the eyes, why the heck is it in a blush-type compact? It baffles me. I'd rather MAC took the time to create a shadow palette tbh. 

So, as a blush (yes, I did try it!) it becomes a murky, dirty sheer pink brown with a sheen. Not a pretty look on me at least. Perhaps there is someone out there who could pull it off as a blush, but it's definitely not me! I've attempted to take pics but it hasn't really come out that well. 

As an eyeshadow palette it performs better. The yellow shade is very powdery and sheer and is the worst performer. The pink is also sheer but not too powdery. The blue is actually quite nice, very pigmented. The peachy brown is sheer, as is the medium brown. They require some building but they do work...ish. 

The compact does look very pretty but really it's a waste - a waste of money and a waste of a potentially fantastic idea/product. MAC could have turned this into a proper shadow palette - or even a work-able blush, with the polka dots being either barely pigmented or an overspray. At least it looks pretty (doesn't really justify the £21.50 it cost though).

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