Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Azature Black Diamond Nail Polish swatches

A few months ago I read a blog post about Azature's $250,000/£160,000 bottle of nail polish containing 267 carats of black diamonds. Of course, I certainly can't afford that (believe me, if I was loaded enough I'd definitely have it) but I did cave and buy the cheaper version which contains a single black diamond.

Three coats

This polish is quite thick and very jelly-like.It's also pretty sheer, so unless you're willing to work with it and wait between coats, bearing in mind it's like to be at least four coats for full opacity, it's better as a layering polish. The base is a jelly black - though of course with it being a jelly it looks grey. It has small bits of black and silver glitter in it. The finish itself is very shiny.

One coat

Two coats

This polish is available from Selfridges in the UK. If you fancy having a giggle, the ridiculously priced polish is here!

Is this something you'd indulge in?

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