Friday, 22 February 2013

Azature Green Diamond polish swatches

Men; keep your dogs. I'm quite happy with diamonds. Even better if those diamonds are in bottles of nail polish. And better still, if that polish happens to be the most incredible emerald green I have ever seen.

I honestly expected Azature's black diamond polishes to be a bit of a gimmick, and for the single black diamond that's in them to be the main selling point. I've been proven wrong. Yes, at £17, they're steep, but my god, I've never come across polish like this. This just glows.

Azature's Green Diamond is a green base with an absolute ton of fine green shimmer. Surprisingly, this isn't a jelly unlike the rest of the Azature polishes! In the bottle, under the lights in my bedroom, the green shimmer seems to shift to gold, but I can't see that on my nails. This will shine best in sunlight and unfortunately, because this is the UK, there is absolutely none of that right now. In fact, it's just started snowing. I've done the best I can with these swatches, but they really do not do this polish justice at all.

Swatches are shown with three coats of colour and Nails Inc's Gel Effect top coat. Two coats would suffice, but I find that with my longer nails I have to apply an extra coat. That goes for pretty much every polish, not just this one!

As a word of precaution, and you'll see why at the bottom of this post - You WILL need a good base coat with this. Trust me.

I also have swatches of Black Diamond and Pink Diamond

Having just removed this to swatch something else, this is what I was greeted with:

Oh dear. Well, to sum it up, excellent polish, something I think is worth the hefty price tag. But next time Claire...Use a friggin' base coat! ARGH!!!

This polish is available from Selfridges for £17.


  1. The staining is a pain but that is a stunning green!

    1. Tell me about it! A little hand wash and a nail brush has got all of the staining off my skin and most of it off my nails, still a little left though :( Never forget to use basecoat hahaha