Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Azature Pink Diamond Nail Polish swatches

A few weeks ago I noticed Selfridges had started carrying more of the gorgeous Azature polishes. I plan on getting them all, bit by bit, but the first of the "coloured" ones I picked up was Pink Diamond!! I was seriously surprised when I wore this. It just sparkles like no other polish I own! Pink Diamond is a pink base with tons of silver glitter. Again, it has that same thick jelly texture, but this time Pink Diamond was opaque in two coats. It dries to a stupidly pretty high shine so topcoat isn't necessary, though I like to give it a quick coat anyways. Seriously, if you love anything pink, glittery and shiny, you need this! It's a little steep at £17, but if you fancy being a little self-indulgent, it's sooooo worth it! Pink Diamond can be found here!

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