Sunday, 27 May 2012

Some of my "nail art" (they're all a bit shit!)

I always see people posting pics of their amazing, beautiful, creative, stunning, gorgeous mani's, and I'd love to be one of them! Exceeeept...I'm a bit shit at it :D You'll see what I mean...

Fig. 1 - Xmas day mani. OK, I was pretty pleased with this one. Basically the idea was to cram as many different glitters onto my tips and "stipple" it down the nail so it faded. I then used some konad plates and stamped designs. I actually do like this one!

Fig. 2 -
Nude w/ blue tips and rhinestones! I think the nudey colour is NI George Street, can't remember the other. No idea why I chose green rhinestones!

Fig. 3 - Polka dot goodness! These are all NI colours, can't remember the names. This was from when we had a week of sunny weather in March and I felt all springy!

Fig. 4 - Nails Inc Baker Street with random sweet-themed fimo canes! I did like this one too, not exactly practical though :D

Fig. 5 -
My first ever, and INCREDIBLY BAD water marble. I had a blue, red, and shimmery white in front of didn't end well! This is also the hand you never see

YAY for terrible mani's!!

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