Sunday, 13 May 2012

MAC Fashion Sets - Saint Germain Lacquer

I'm sooooooo far behind on things :(

I already own Saint Germain lipstick and wasn't really keen on the lipglass...but polish? Oh yes!

Saint Germain is a light blue based bubblegum pink. It did look a little lavendary in some lighting. I used three coats to even things out as it can apply a little uneven and patchy. Not the most unique colour and it could be fairly dupeable (how many blue based pinks have we seen recently?) but it's nice nonetheless. This is more appealing to those who are long time lovers of Saint Germain lipstick. I have it, I don't love it because of how blue it is.


  1. Gorgeous colour! Really suits you

    1. Suprisingly does considering blue-pinks are hideous on me...well, at least my face!