Monday, 23 July 2012

Avon 24k Gleam Of Gold Eyeshadow Palette Review and Swatches

So, for something different, I thought I'd review an eyeshadow quad! I picked this up from Avon online a few days ago. They had a few deals on and I'm really, really bad at resisting sales/deals.

Gleam Of Gold contains four shadows; a slightly frosted ivory/off-white, a yellow based slightly muted gold, a medium dark red based purple and a chocolate brown. All have slight gold shimmer in them (that's said to be 24k!).

 One thing I will say about this is that all these shades are on the sheer side. Not terribly so, but they definitely aren't opaque. I think it actually works that they're sheerer; somehow I think this would be naff if each shade had amazing colour payoff. The fact that they're sheer and muted seems to work, it's much more subtle. It also means that the frosted off-white, which is usually a colour I strongly avoid, actually works really nicely as a highlighter.

 I didn't experience any fallout and they blended really nicely. I did have to pack on a few layers of the gold but it wasn't anything too painful. I followed the "instructions" on the back of the palette on how to use this quad - I think it looks really nice, except the brown barely shows up on my top lash line, so next time I'll add it into the crease to create more depth. Overall I think this is a great palette, sure it's sheer but it's also more subtle, which in this case I think works brilliantly.

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