Thursday, 5 July 2012

New Barry M - Aqua Glitter swatches

I had a ton of polishes arrive this morning so I've pretty much spent the entire day swatching. Well, that and playing Sims. Glitter anyone?

Aqua glitter is, well, not really aqua! I'd say its a bright medium blue glitter. When I think aqua, I think of a much lighter blue. There's tiny shimmer and larger particles of glitter. I used three coats in these photos to see how opaque I could get it - I think this is pretty much as far as it'll go, which is still pretty full coverage! This is sooooo much prettier and sparklier in real life.

Two coats layered over BYS UV Blue Volt


  1. Sims is the best :D I like aqua but I think it looks far better layered than on it's own :)

    1. I always forget about Sims then go on a rampage for a few weeks! I love this both layered and on its own - on its own is a pain in the arse to remove though!