Sunday, 22 July 2012

Nails Inc The Strand Star Magnetic Polish swatches

Afternoon guys. It's actually sunny here atm, which is really bizarre cos at least the past two months it's been raining. Heavy. With lots of flooding.

So, Nails Inc just brought out some more magnetic polishes, star designs this time. I loved their first lot of magnetics as they were a brand new thing to me. The fishnet ones, for me personally, were a bit...well, shite. But, these star magnetic ones are amazing. Well, the one I have at least. I didn't bother with the other two as I have purple and green magnetic polishes already. I do also have blues, but I'm glad I grabbed it as this blue is just a bit more sexy than the others I own.

The Strand is a gorgeous, vibrant metallic navy. As with all magnetics, I pop down a layer of colour, wait for it to dry, then go in with another coat and the magnet. I love the star design for a start, but I also love how when the pattern is formed, the polish almost turns black. That's a really bad description. You'll see what I mean!

Part of me wishes Nails Inc would just start releasing magnets rather than polishes. I mean although I love this polish and I think it's the nicest magnetic blue I own, I did already have some, so I've essentially blown £13 on a magnet. At least this one actually produces a design on my long, wide nails (looking at you Fishnets...).

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