Monday, 30 July 2012

W7 Sheer Collection swatches

W7 is a brand I've previously overlooked. It's a brand sold in a local beauty shop near me, they sell really cheap £1 makeup and some older/discontinued l'Oreal/Maybelline/Revlon...I'm sure you know what I mean. They usually have a few stands of overly orange/shimmery bronzers, yeah... I think I may have had a few pieces of W7 makeup in my early teens. I shudder thinking back. Their polishes, however, are a totally different story, and I'm quickly becoming a massive fan.

As with the name of the collection, these are designed to be sheer, and they're done really really well. With three of the polishes, they hit opaque at just two coats, which is pretty amazing for a sheer polish. At one coat, they're semi-sheer. They do bring colour to the nail instead of just a slight tint. The other two are opaque in three and tint the nails at one; semi-sheer at two. I will say that even as one coat these apply really well. They don't streak, they aren't uneven, which is something even high-end brands can't get right. The best bit? These polishes are £1.95 from Nail Polish Direct and contain 15ml. I'm sure if you look around local independant beauty places you might come across them though. As far as I'm aware, they aren't sold in Superdrug or Boots. Onto the polishes!

I should point out that I only went to two coats with all these polishes since they're meant to be sheer.

Sheer peach is a...yeah, sheer peach. Can't really argue with that. More of a yellow peach than a pink one though.

Sheer Pink is a fairly neutral pink, not too blue, not too yellow.

Sheer Mauve is a sheer lilac.

Sheer Blue is...why am I even bothering? It's kind of pastel but not pale. This one would take three coats before it's opaque.

Sheer Lemon is...wait, it's not called sheer yellow? Shock! It's a sheer pastel yellow. Again, it's a three-coater.

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