Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Swatches - Barry M Reds/Pinks

Basically there's gonna be a ton of posts like this. I'm gradually swatching everything I have, sort of for reference purposes I guess. Click read more to see swatches :)

 262 Bright Red

Red Wine

273 Raspberry

296 Coral

272 Shocking Pink

305 Pink Flamingo

279 Bright Pink

309 Strawberry Ice Cream


  1. Are the reds jellies? They look like they could be and I am always after a good jelly!

    Claire x

    1. Aah you're a Claire too! :D I'd say Bright Red and Red Wine are more like a jelly than they are a creme, I mean my nail line pokes through visibly and those swatches are at least two, maybe three coats. So with one coat yeah they'd look like jellies :)