Sunday, 19 August 2012

2True Limited Edition Crystal Nail Polishes

I popped into Superdrug yesterday, as I do pretty much every week, looking for new polishes/makeup, and happened to glace over at a stand I've never bothered with before - 2True. I was instantly drawn to three polishes from their Crystal LE collection. These are gorge!

Let me start by saying that 2True is very cheap. Their polishes, and infact everything they sell, is £1.99, or 3 for £5. Not bad eh? I picked up three of the Crystal polishes - Shade 2, Shade 3 and Shade 5. I wish these had names :( These can all be used as layering polishes, on their own, or maybe even part of a jelly sammich!

Shade 2 is a bright red - not too blue or orange, just perfect, with shimmer. This is almost opaque in one coat but I could see a little nail line, so went for two. This pooled a little bit, so be aware how much you have on the brush.

Shade 3 is a teal with teal sparkle. Again, opaque in two coats. This also had some pooling issues.

Shade 5 is perhaps the most beautiful. It's a mix of gold, broze and pink shimmer which gives an overall bronzey/gold feel. It's what I'd describe as a foil. Perfect autumn/fall shade, reminds me of falling leaves. This one was also opaque in two.

Not only did I get these three for £5, you also get a free nail polish from their Glossywear range with any three purchases, so I got this one free! I was torn between this and a stunning shimmery aqua blue, but I figured I had enough blues and very very few shades like this.

Glossywear Shade 45 is a hard colour to describe. I came up with a light olive tinted gold. This was also opaque in two coats!

Overall I'm very impressed with 2True's polishes. I was expecting a massive flop but these are actually really nice. Can't go wrong with them being £1.99 each! Formula's are pretty good and apart from some pooling issues they're great!

Has anyone else ever tried 2True? What did you think?

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