Monday, 20 August 2012

ck One Cosmetics Powder Eyeshadow Quad - 810 Smoking swatches and review

ck one cosmetics has just launched in the UK. They're stocked in Debenhams, I'm not sure if they're stocked anywhere else. They have pretty much everything - foundations, illuminators, nail polish, shadow quads, pencils, lipsticks, blushes - yeah, they've got it all. I really hope they expand their line though - they cover the basics but I'd love to see them come out with more quads, more blushes, more polishes. Anyways...

The palette I have is 810 Smoking. The packaging for this is really sophisticated and a little cute - the top actually swivels around as opposed to opening or pulling off. There are four good sized shadows inside totalling 4g. To compare, a single MAC shadow contains 1.5g and retails for £12, these quads retail for £25, so not bad really.

In this quad, we have a dusty blue teal with sparkle, a metallic grey taupe with TONS of sparkle, a matte black with perhaps a little bit of a brown undertone, and a slightly frosted off white/ivory. Firstly, I really wish this ivory shade was matte, the frostiness will turn a lot of people off. I originally thought the second shade was just a grey, but there is a hint of something else, which is why I've called it a taupe. The taupe and teal shades felt slightly wet - they almost felt like one of these hybrid shadows alot of brands are now putting out (I'm thinking Chanel Illusion d'Ombres, MAC Electric Cool shadows, those types of things).
The palette as a whole is described as containing powder shadows but these do feel slightly hybrid-ey, which is now a word BTW! The taupe and teal shades swatch fairly sheer but are much better on the eyes. The ivory shade is also sheer, which I'm actually thankful for, as had these been really pigmented it'd be a hot mess. There is also a little fall out from the taupe/teal shades, nothing too bad but it's probably best to do eyes before base, or use tissue/shadow shields when using this quad.

Taupe shade on the inner half of the eye, teal on the outer eye and crease, black on the top lash line, ivory on the brow bone

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