Friday, 3 August 2012

MAC Permanant lacquers - Mean & Green, Formidable and Spirit Of Truth

MAC have just released a 30-strong permanant collection of lacquers and these are the ones I've picked up (so far, of course...)

Mean & Green is a medium murky green base with bronze/pinky-purple shimmer. The shimmer shifts depending on the light; in the shade it's bronze, in direct light it's more pinky-purple. Formula was great. This was opaque in three coats for me, it's a little sheer but easily buildable. This first launched with MAC Venomous Villians.

Formidable is a purply-brown base with blue/teal shimmer. The shimmer seems to go purple-ish in the shade. Two coats would work perfectly fine, but I wanted a little extra depth, so opted for three. Again, the formula is wonderful. This was also part of Venomous Villians.

Spirit Of Truth is a beautiful, rich deep cobalt blue creme. I'm reluctant to call it a navy as for me navy is a touch darker with a little grey, so I'm calling it a dark cobalt! I cannot tell you how incredibly pretty this is. This was so nearly opaque in one, it was the tiniest bit sheer on my tips, though loading up my brush with more polish would make it a one-coater. I opted for two. Paaaahhhh, freaking love this. This launched with Wonder Woman.
I kind of think this looks like China Glaze First Mate, but haven't checked.

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