Monday, 6 August 2012

Swatches - Barry M Glitters

More Barry M swatches!

264 Pink Irridescent

239 Lavendar (Hexograms)

Silver Glitter

150 Red Glitter

297 Blue Glitter

244 Hologram

333 Black Multi Glitter

324 Silvery Lilac

340  Aqua Glitter

338 Silver Multi Glitter

337 Pink Multi Glitter

Jewel Brittania


  1. How can your nails be so long and gorgeous looking? I want to know how you do it,because I can tell they are your real nails :-) I really admire them :-)

  2. Aww thankyou! Trust me, they aren't that nice looking, infact I'll get a post up about them! I'd love to say that it's a miracle product I use that makes them grow long but it's just not, I seem to have always been able to grow long nails for no reason. They're actually usually longer than this, but I've found if I keep them trimmed they don't snap