Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Andrea Fulerton Colour - Daisy, Debbie and Eva

These are the first single polishes I've bought from AF, my previous purchases being the trio polishes. I have Daisy, Debbie and Eva.

Daisy is a bright clean yellow. The formula on this was a little thin and it pooled at my cuticle. This took three coats for full opacity and was overall a little disappointing. I think that's the story with most yellows though, it's a tough colour to crack.

Debbie is a warm midtone pink coral; opaque in two coats. Formula was a definite improvement on Daisy, wasn't runny, didnt pool or streak.

Eva is a dusty green teal. This is opaque in two coats. Again, formula was good on this one.


  1. Nice swatches and you did a better job than me with Debbie - swatching it today and mine is still streaky after 2 coats!

    1. It's an awful formula, then again from my experience most yellows are awful! If I remember right mine was dodgy after two, I needed the third to even it out :(