Sunday, 26 February 2012

Boots No7 Totally Teal and Vivid Violet swatches!

I picked these polishes up from my local Boots chemist whilst grabbing plasters and antiseptic wipes for a decent sized cut on my thumb I got from "overexcitedly" hacking into a Nails Inc parcel with a carving knife. A lesson to be learned there I think! =D

Anyways, these polishes are from No7, a Boots own brand. Never tried any of there polishes before so I figured "why the hell not?". I will say that the brushes in these are freaking huge width wise. One dip into the bottle was enough for me to coat three nails! I find thicker brushes a bit annoying since I tend to then get polish on my skin, but some may prefer them.

Totally Teal (330) is a deep green teal. It's quite dark for a teal but still carries a bit of vibrancy. It takes two coats for opaque coverage. It has a lovely glossy finish.

Vivid Violet (40) is a red based purple with a metallic like sheen in the bottle. The sheen doesn't translate so much on the nail though, and even though I've described it as a "metallic" sheen, it's definitely not metallic and doesn't leave visible brush strokes. This one was a little sheerer and took me three coats for full coverage.

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