Saturday, 25 February 2012

Nails Inc The Wyndham Swatches

The Wyndham is one of Nails Inc's new special effect polishes. Nails Inc call it an "overglaze"...It's pretty much a flakie. It flashes between blue and green, though I mostly picked up green in these swatches. The particles are kind of smaller than other flakies I've seen. It also doesn't seem to flash as much as other flakies, though that may be the colour I swatched it over, which is Baker Street. I'll reswatch tomorrow over black and white and try and find my macro attachment for some upclose pics...I have no freaking idea where it's gone! But for now, here is The Wyndham!

On a last note, I'd probably use two coats of this rather than just one. I think to get it to really flash it's needed.

This is SO hard to get a picture of over white! The flakies look pink in the shade and have a slight flash of green in the light over white. On black, it flashes green in the light and blue in the shade. This looks better over darker colours in general.

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