Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Nails Inc Hammersmith, Marylebone, Maida Vale Swatches & Review

First swatches!!!!

Nails Inc Hammersmith, Marylebone and Maida Vale are three brand new and limited edition 3D glitter polishes. Nails Inc state on their website: "With January now behind you, look forward to Spring and snap up these irresistible new pastel glitters. Not only are they easy to paint and dry super quickly, but they will give you excellent coverage."


Review and swatches after the jump!

Based on that, what I will say is that these glitters dry a little slower than others I have previously tried, but they hit the nail right on the head with the full coverage. It takes just two coats for me to get these glitters opaque, which I think is pretty amazing. It flows over the nail nicely and delivers even coverage with each coat. Alot of glitters have taken me 3-4 coats before they look anywhere near opaque, some even 5! Sometimes I really am that determined I'll go for 5 coats LOL. When I want to wear glitter, this is exactly how I like it! These polishes are all coloured and silver micro glitter with larger silver glitter. I guess it's the large silver bits that gives it that 3D effect. They are really quite rough without a top coat, and with one coat of top coat (I used Seche Vite) you can definitely still feel the roughness. Two coats smooths things out a bit more, but there's still a texture there. Nonetheless I think these are gorgeous glitters and they will be getting a lot of use.

Like most glitters they are a true pain to get off, but that's expected. 

All of these photos were taken with an iPhone camera, apart from the Macro shots which I used an iPad for (I don't have a fancy camera haha). Typical with British weather, it's lovely and overcast today, so no sunshine, but I hope they give you a little insight as to what they look like!

Hammersmith is described by Nails Inc as a "pink teal glitter". I honestly can't see any pink here! It's definitely a teal though. Very beautiful and sparkly. 

Hammersmith in the bottle

Macro shot of thumb - you can see the glitter covers evenly but isn't fully opaque. This is just one coat. I love how with Macro shots you see things you otherwise can't...where did that green glitter come from?!

Maida Vale is described as a "pastel silvery blue glitter". To me it almost looks like a very pale lavendar glitter! This one for some reason was pretty hard to photograph.

Maida Vale in the bottle. Definitely some lavendar going on there!

As you can see from the macro shots there's definitely blue glitter in there, but I can also see some lavendar too! Either way it's a beautiful polish.

The last of these polishes is Marylebone. It's described as a "pastel pink glitter". That's exactly what it is. On my nails it definitely looks pastel, but in the bottle and in the macro shots you can see it's actually fuschia micro glitter!

Marylebone in the bottle

One coat

I think my favourite from these is Hammersmith, just because I'm a sucker for teal, but they're all very pretty. Seeing these with a macro lens makes me appriciate them more for some reason; they look so complex! These are available exclusively from Nails Inc. They are limited edition, so if you like them you better snap 'em up quick!

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  1. Just ordered hammersmith I have maida vale but sloane square is my all time fave glitter xx nailtheday.blogspot.co.uk