Monday, 27 February 2012

Nails Inc Mini set swatches!

Ok, so these polishes are mini's; they're one of the free sets Nails Inc are currently offering. I think you have to spend £35 on two or more full priced products to be eligible for a free mini set. Something like that anyways :D The sets don't have names, so we'll go by individual polish names. Included in this set are: Eden Grove, Walton Place, Elizabeth Street, Ebury Bridge and Kew Bridge. Firstly, I freaking love anything mini, they're so cute! Each mini contains 4ml, and there are 5 mini's, so essentially you're getting two full sized polishes...for free!

Elizabeth St, Walton Place, Ebury Bridge, Kew Bridge and Eden Grove

Eden Grove, Kew Bridge, Ebury Bridge, Walton Place, Elizabeth Street

Eden Grove is a vibrant midtone jade green teal. It's definitely on the greener side though (at least in the bottle!). It took me just two coats to get this opaque. It has a gorgeous glossy finish! It looks teal-er on my nails and greener in the bottle. I think it comes down to your skin undertone - If you're yellower it'll pick out the green and if your pinker it'll pull out the blue.

Walton Place is a bright, in-your-face, slightly yellow toned barbie pink. Seriously, this screams barbie. I really want to hate this colour purely because it reminds me of barbie's and plastic and OTT fake tan...but I actually really like it! I hate myself for saying that :D This took three coats before it was opaque and it looked as though it wanted to be matte but never really got there. It wasn't glossy but it had a shine.

Elizabeth Street is a pale slightly yellow based milky pink. It has tiny white shimmer in it that's barely noticable unless you're looking for it. I'm wearing 4 coats here and I could still spot some slightly visible nail line. That hasn't translated onto picture though!

Ebury Bridge is a slightly dusty cornflower blue with a hint of purple. Again I think depending on skin tone this will look more blue or more lavendar. It's almost opaque at one coat, just the tinyest bit sheer. A thick coat should do it, but I opted for two coats.

And lastly we have Kew Bridge. To me this seems like a reddened coral. This was opaque in one thicker coat, or two normal ones. It dries to a slightly darker colour than you start out with.

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