Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Mini Haul!

So yesterday I popped into town and figured I'd take a look in Sally's. Now, I have no idea if the Sally's we have over here in the UK is the same Sally's that's in the US. I walked in, straight over to the nail bit and there sat huge displays of OPI and China Glaze. Safe to say I got a *bit* excited. Anyway, these are the polishes I picked up. Apologies for the state of my nails, I took my gels off last night and my natural nails are screwed to say the least. I also have bits of polish on my skin...these were quick swatches and there were some glitters involved that just wouldn't budge!

See my haul!

OPI Princesses Rule!

This is properly gorgeous. It's like a proper girly pink with white pearl. It's not shimmer or glitter, which is why I called it pearl. I think this is probably my favourite of the polishes I picked up. It's a little sheer though, I could still see some nail line with 3 coats, and with 4 it seemed opaque. It takes a bit of work but I think it's worth it.

OPI Are We There Yet?

Again, this is pretty amazing. It's a peachy orange with a hint of coral thrown in. It has very fine gold-ish shimmer running through it. More noticable in the bottle I think but it's there on the nails too, you just have to look for it! This took 3 coats to be opaque for me.

China Glaze Crushed Candy

This is one of CG's crackle polishes. It's a gorgeous medium aqua colour. I think this would look ace over blue-pinks and bright oranges. Anything bright actually. I swatched this over OPI Pink Friday as it was the closest polish to me at the time haha.

China Glaze Oxidized Aqua

Again another crackle, but this time a metallic! The name pretty much describes this one haha. Metallic aqua with a little hint of green.

China Glaze Midtown Magic

This is kind of difficult to describe. To me at least the base is a really, really deep dark red purple, but once it's on it just looks like a browny black. It has bronze-ish shimmer running through it. Very dark and vampy, but gorgeous. If your willing to do a slightly thicker coat this is opaque in just one. Otherwise, two coats does it.

China Glaze Skyscraper

This instantly reminded me of "Blue Years Eve" from the holiday collection. Of course, this is way more purple, but it has the same feel. It's a very blue based purple with silver glitter. It took me 3 coats for full coverage.

China Glaze Fairy Dust

Haha, I love the name of this! I've been searching for a holographic top coat that isn't OTT, and this delivers nicely! It takes a while to dry down but that doesn't bother me. This one is rather "cool-toned". I pick up lots of silver with some blue and purple flashes. From L to R, one coat swatched over Pink Friday, one coat on it's own and then two coats.

China Glaze Gold Enchantment

This is pretty much Fairy Dust's warmer cousin. It's in a sheer goldy yellow base which adds the tinyest yellow tint to my nail, but it's barely noticable. I get alot of gold, green and bronze-red flecks with this one. L to R, two coats, one coat and over Pink Friday. Oh dear, I still have some Skyscraper left over haha

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