Wednesday, 29 February 2012

China Glaze Electropop swatches!

So today I have some CG Electropop polishes to show you! I don't have the entire collection, and one polish is missing but will be sent out next week. I may pick up one or two more when I get the chance. The polishes I have to show you are Kinetic Candy, Aquadelic, Dance Baby, Gaga for Green and Techno. The polish I have missing is Electric Beat.

Kinetic Candy is a pale dusty blue creme, though in some lights I swore it was a really pale aqua! The opacity on this is incredible - just one coat was enough!

Aquadelic is a bright vibrant aqua. As with Kinetic Candy, this was a one-coater too.

Dance Baby is a bright blue based bubblegum pink. This is really blue based; in some lights it could almost pass for a purpley pink. This one was a tiny bit sheer, it took two coats.

Gaga for Green is a midtone yellow based green. As with Dance Baby this needed a second coat as the first was a bit sheer. I'm gonna be honest; I picked this up for the name more than the colour =D

Techno is sparce small and large holographic glitter in a clear base. There's no way in hell this would ever come close to opaque but it looks gorgeous over any polish colour. 

Techno over Gaga for Green

Overall I found these polishes to be a tiny bit watery and Kinetic Candy, Aquadelic and Dance baby in particular seemed to have more polish on the brush than was needed, which meant the colour spread to the sides of my fingers and onto my skin. Not really a problem though. just have to watch how much product comes out! I think this is a great selection of spring brights though!

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