Saturday, 11 February 2012

Bourjois swatches - Bleu Model, Lime Catwalk and Tangerine Fatal

Hello!!! So today I popped into town to get my hair done and figured I'd take a look in Superdrug. Scouted around and nothing was jumping at me. Walked over to the Bourjois display and saw 3 gorgeous polishes; Bleu Model, Lime Catwalk and Tangerine Fatal. Bleu Model reminded me a little of China Glaze Crushed Candy and Lime Catwalk reminded me of OPI Did It On 'Em. Tangerine Fatal? Well I'm a sucker for oranges and corals :P

 Bleu Model 44, Tangerine Fatal 33, Lime Catwalk 38

Swatches are rushed as I had little daylight left! All three polishes were sheer to begin with, and all took me three coats for full coverage. You could get away with two coats if they were thicker.

Tangerine Fatal is a bright orange coral with a creme finish. That's about it for this one. I have so many similar polishes I'm not quite sure why I picked it up. But hey-ho!

Bleu Model is a medium aqua kind of colour, but it's not a true aqua, it does have the tinyest hint of green in it. I could only tell when I put this colour next to China Glaze Crushed Candy, which is the polish I'm trying to find a dupe for.

Bleu Model next to Crushed Candy. You can see it's a little greener in comparison.

Lime Catwalk is a lime/chartreuse colour. Not quite green enough to be really lime, but not yellow enough to be a true chartreuse. I picked this up hoping it would be a dupe for OPI Did It On 'Em. It's close, but there is a colour difference which is stopping me calling it a dupe. Nonetheless, it's GORGEOUS and I think I'll keep this one on for a few days!

OPI Did It On 'Em with Lime Catwalk, OPI is yellower and brighter

Clearly yellower, which is a shame!

I think Lime Catwalk is my favourite of this lot. I'm loving limes at the minute, and actually Did It On 'Em is my inspiration for repainting my room (yes, it's going to be lime...and pink!)

That's about it for this one. Thanks for reading :D

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