Tuesday, 20 March 2012

China Glaze Electropops swatches part 2!

Evening guys!

I popped into Sally's at the weekend and they finally had the Electropops in, so I picked up an extra few shades I hadn't the first time around. This time I have Sunshine Pop, Make Some Noise, Sweet Hook and Electric Beat.

Sunshine Pop is a frosted bright yellow. The frost isn't as prominant as you'd imagine, it's just ever so slighly frosty. I used three coats for full coverage. Two was close but slighly uneven on me.

Make Some Noise is a reddened coral. This has a beautiful creme finish. There was slight visible nail line for me at two coats so I opted for three.

Sweet Hook is a a pale lilac creme. This was suprisingly opaque in two coats!

Electric Beat is a light dusty cornflower blue. This was opaque in two.

Thanks for reading :D


  1. They are all so lovely! I just have sweet hook and well I'm hooked on it!

    1. It is gorgeous haha, one of my faves from this collection, quite disappointed I never picked it up the first time around!