Wednesday, 7 March 2012

GOSH Nail Glitter in Rose Quartz, Jade Green, Blue Sapphire swatches

Hello again =D I really gotta kick my backside into gear with this blog, I have so many things I need to post up!

Today I have some GOSH nail glitters to show you. They're just small pots of really fine glitter. Totally not safe for the eye area. I do imagine if you were unfortunate enough to get this in your eye it would scratch like crazy. I do like these glitters, I think they look amazing! You can stick your whole nail into the pot to get full coverage glitter, you can glitter just the tips, you could mix them with other polishes you already have or put them in a clear polish, or you can use them a bit more precisely by using an old eyeshadow brush to tap the glitter onto your nails. I think they're about £4 from Superdrug. I do know GOSH is sold in the US too, but I have no idea what products they carry. The glitters I have are Rose Quartz, Jade Green and Blue Sapphire.

I prefer to wear these without a top coat, just because I find wearing a top coat over them flattens the glitter and makes it less sparkly. There is a tiny bit of texture with these but nothing that bugs me. 

Rose Quartz is a light-medium pink glitter.

Jade Gren is a medium lime green

Blue Sapphire is a deep-ish sky blue

No top coat (top), top coat

No top coat (left)

(top coat)

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