Thursday, 15 March 2012

China Glaze Hunger Games swatches!

Evening!!! So today I have some of the CG Hunger Games to show you. I don't have all of them, 7 out of the 12. The polishes I have to show you are: Fast Track, Harvest Moon, Hook and Line, Stone Cold, Agro, Smoke And Ashes and Luxe and Lush. Luxe and Lush is going to need its own post haha.

Fast Track

Fast Track is pale slightly greyed nude with tons of gold shimmer. This is just freaking incredible, it's sooooo pretty!!! This took me three coats before it was opaque. It was almost there at two, and I could have gotten away with two, but the OCD kicked in where I could see slight sheer patches so I had to apply another.

Harvest Moon is a gorgeous orangey bronzey...thing...delicious...beautiful...foil, that's it, foil!! I love this, it's so shiney and shimmery and in your face. It doesn't love me though, it clashes with my insane pinkness, not that I really care since this is properly amazing, I still plan on wearing it! Opaque in two.

Hook and Line is a metallic, light, very silvery kind of taupe. It's not silver, it's not grey and it's not a true taupe, it's kind of a mish mash of all three. This was opaque in two coats, I needed the second for parts where it was a little sheer and where brush strokes were uneven. This does have visible brush strokes but I didn't really notice them at arms length.

Stone Cold is a deep grey with silver shimmer. This has a matte finish. This was amazingly opaque in one and so, so, SO amazing! I love this so friggin' much! It's just stunning!

Agro is a medium dark olive dirty green with a metallic finish. Again, I love this. This is usually a colour I'd steer clear of but it's just amazing. This was opaque in one coat!

Finally we have Smoke And Ashes. This is divine. It's an extremely dark forest green, so dark it's almost black, with green shimmer. This was opaque in one coat too. It's just so rich and pigmented!

Overall, the colours I picked out from this collection have completely blown me away. These are just fanstatic. Luxe and Lush will get its own post purely because I think there's probably enough pictures on this one already haha :D

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